Yukon adventure travel tours 2023

Hello, adventurous souls! Terry here.

While I usually talk about gold prospecting, I thought I’d take a detour and share about the other wonders of the Yukon, my home turf. It’s not just about the glint of gold here; the Yukon is a treasure trove of exciting adventures waiting to unfold. Today, I’m highlighting some of the best adventure travel tours that will let you experience the true spirit of the Yukon. Let’s dig in!

1. Yukon River: Classic Canoeing Adventure (with Yukon Wide Adventures)

The Yukon River, the third-longest river in North America, is a significant part of our region’s history and landscape. Yukon Wide Adventures offers a 20-day canoeing adventure that takes you on a historical journey following the route of the 1898 Gold Rush. You’ll paddle past relics of the past, enjoy wildlife viewing, and camp under the midnight sun.

2. Kluane National Park: Flightseeing Tour (Kluane Glacier Tours)

Kluane National Park is home to Canada’s highest peak, Mount Logan, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Kluane Glacier Tours offers flightseeing tours, an adventure not to be missed. Soaring over glacier-filled landscapes and stunning peaks is an unforgettable experience.

3. Dempster Highway: Self-Drive Adventure (Arctic Range Adventure)

For those who prefer the thrill of driving, Arctic Range Adventure offers a self-drive tour along the Dempster Highway, Canada’s only all-season road across the Arctic Circle. You’ll see breathtaking tundra landscapes, witness wildlife in their natural habitat, and visit indigenous communities along the way.

4. Dawson City: Gold Panning and Historical Tour (Klondike Experience)

If you’re a history buff like me, Klondike Experience’s tour in Dawson City is a must. You’ll visit historic sites, try your hand at gold panning, and even enjoy a traditional sourdough pancake breakfast. Dawson City, known as the heart of the Klondike Gold Rush, is like a living museum.

5. Yukon Wildlife: Animal Viewing Adventure (Yukon Wildlife Preserve)

The Yukon Wildlife Preserve offers guided bus tours through their 700-acre property where you’ll get up close with 13 species of northern Canadian mammals in their natural habitat, including caribou, lynx, and muskoxen.

6. Northern Lights Viewing: Aurora Borealis Adventure (Northern Tales Travel Services)

One of Yukon’s most magical experiences is witnessing the dance of the Northern Lights. Northern Tales Travel Services offers aurora viewing packages that include photography lessons, ensuring you capture this celestial spectacle beautifully.

7. Takhini Hot Springs: Relaxation and Adventure (Takhini Hot Springs)

Finally, after all those thrilling activities, why not relax and soak in the Takhini Hot Springs? These mineral-rich hot springs offer a serene setting amidst nature’s beauty, a perfect way to end your Yukon adventure.

The Yukon, with its pristine landscapes, rich history, and exciting adventures, truly has something for every traveler. As always, remember to travel responsibly and respect the land, wildlife, and communities you visit. Happy adventuring, folks!

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