YukonYouMineGold is our private gold mining claim in the Yukon, not too far from Whitehorse. The boys downriver from us say the land is some of the most profitable they’ve ever worked. Is our land as well-stocked with the yellow stuff?

It’s hard to know for sure, until we get in there and start digging. The trouble is, serious gold-mining takes a lot of investment, and we’re just simple folk. We’ve got the land, but not that much cash.

So we’d like to figure out other ways of making this property profitable – for both us and you! We are open to the idea of running a gold-mining retreat, filled with history, activities and culture. This would be a sort of family adventure camp.

Or we could rent out shovels, panning equipment and metal detectors for nugget shooting.

We’re also interested, however, in partnering with larger operations who want to bring in the heavy machinery – or even a reality TV show like GoldRush.

This is some of the most beautiful, pristine scenery in the world; whether or not you hit pay dirt, visiting us with be the trip of a lifetime. We hope to build a sustainable, environmentally-friendly gold mining operation that can bring in thousands of ounces of gold.

We’ll add more pics and videos to this site soon!